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Adventure is food for the soul & with Kurabesi Explorer you can nourish yourself even more, because traveling with us is very much about connecting, sharing, caring & conserving.

Our unique, catered trips are designed and intend to always give back to the people, culture and the environment.

The future we want is transforming the world to be a better place for all.


At Kurabesi we believe it is a real privilege to spend time in the remote locations where there are truly unique opportunities to spend time with traditional people who are delighted to share with you their indigenous music, dance, and local perspectives.

We are also committed to providing meaningful livelihoods related to sustainable activities for local people in the region. Read more...


At Kurabesi Explorer we also support environmental conservation work by various NGOs in several marine protected areas, particularly in eastern Indonesia. Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy and World Wild Fund (WWF) to name a few.

This year, Kurabesi Explorer will launch the new initiative ‘Citizen Scientists’, an introduction to Coral Check. Read more...


On board we implement tangible ecosolutions, including the reduction of plastic waste. Each guest is supplied with a reusable water tumbler to refill anytime. We use no plastic cutlery, and offer reusable straws for drinks.

We are also in the process of converting some of our electrical supply to Indonesian manufactured My Sundaya Solar Energy Systems.


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