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Explore deep into the highest marine, terrestrial and wildlife biodiversity in the world. Tropical rain forests home to literally thousands of avifauna species, a true paradise stewarded by some of the world’s friendliest people, who are keeping their magical indigenous cultures alive.

This is a truly authentic travel experience, where you will have the opportunity to really participate in local culture. The travel experience of a lifetime, and a chance to explore our magical world and truly rejuvenate both your body and spirit.



Raja Ampat is a super sought after area of Papua, particularly for avid scuba divers and leisure-seekers. If you are interested in expanding your ecological understanding, this area is unparalleled with 7 established Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Banda Sea & Maluku

Sail through the historically vibrant hub of the ancient spice trade of Indonesia, over some of the world’s deepest seas. The Banda Sea covers the area North of Flores and South of Seram. Here you can exploring rich reefs and spectacular exotic topside scenery

Cenderawasih Bay

Cenderawasih Bay is a the largest marine national park in Indonesia, from Wondama Bay to Nabire West Papua. The entire area is unspoiled and basically uninhabited. The diving is unique and diverse, and known for its resident whale shark population.

Triton Bay Kaimana

Triton Bay is a hidden gem that features wonderful scuba experiences in uncrowded locations, that are well off the beaten track. Triton Bay has impressive soft coral around places like Misool Island, and plenty of big fish as well as macro dive opportunities.


Custom Trips

Browse through the destinations section to see the stunning areas that we operate in and our standard trip itineraries.


Then feel free to contact us to discuss any special requests that your group may have so we can work with you to design the trip of your dreams.

NGOs & Schools

Kurabesi Explorer was designed to provide space, facilities and support for those looking for a liveaboard that can also be used as a focused working, collaboration and researching space.


Have a look at our boat facilities and contact us to discuss your requirements.


Ready to book into a last minute plan to take the trip of a lifetime? Looking for a special offer?


Feel free to browse through our schedule and see which of our trips have some remaining seats available at specially discounted rates!


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